We are a multidisciplinary team with the technical and design skills to develop packaging solutions to meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customer’s products. In partnership with the client, we design packaging that is of high quality, functional, and visually appealing. We offer production line sampling to help validate performance and functionality.

We are equipped with the blow film extrusion process for polyethylene films that can be adapted according to end-use requirements (freezing, load resistance, fast seal, puncture resistance, heat shrinkage, etc.); Our capabilities include co-extrusion equipment with up to 5 layers as well as monolayer equipment with an installed capacity of 650 metric tons per month.

We utilize the flexography printing process up to 10 + 10 colors with high performance gearless CI press. We use the latest technology in HD plates and a variety of solvent based ink applications (resistant to extreme temperatures, texture modifiers, etc.) with an installed capacity of 800 metric tons per month.

The process by which we join 2 or 3 different films to improve the properties and performance for different sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals. We employ solvent-less equipment with a capacity up to 200 metric tons per month.

This process performs the sectioning of materials for FFS packaging with extremely precise mirror finishes in the cut.  It is also used when a larger finish in dimensions and cut is required in the bagging process. We currently have state-of-the-art equipment with an installed capacity to process 750 metric tons per month.

This process is where the plastic film is made, cut and sealed when the packaging is required to be a ready-made bag. We have different equipment that allow a diverse range of bags: bottom seal, side seal and bags for automatic packaging (wicket type), allowing for a wide range of flexible packaging solutions. Our current installed capacity allows us to process up to 300 metric tons per month.