Processed and frozen foods

Multilayer film and bags (mono-layer option with short shelf life requirements is available) for direct-contact food packing.

All our products satisfactorily meet the chemical migration limits according to EU regulation 10/2011. Printed by the flexography method in up to 10 colors.

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Laminated film

- Laminated structures in two or three layers, with different materials (PE, OPP, PET) - contact one of our consultants for more information.

- Excellent hot tack, allowing proper sealing of the packing and filling product.

- Different options for moisture and / or oxygen barrier.

- Possibility of making a single layer film (biorented polyethylene or polypropylene) when the shelf life requirement allows it (low oxygen and / or moisture barrier).


- Finished bag for manual packaging of shelf products stored at ambient temperature, refrigerated, or frozen.

- Excellent performance in manual sealing during packaging.

- Different options for moisture and oxygen barrier.

- Oxygen barrier options can be sealed under high vacuum.

- Possibility of making bags from a monolayer film (LDPE or BOPP) when the shelf life conditions permit it (lower oxygen and humidity barrier).