Confectionery and Snacks

We employ monolayer or multilayer packaging for direct contact usage or as a secondary container for different types of confectionery and snacks.

All our products satisfactorily meet the chemical migration limits according to EU regulation 10/2011. Printed by the flexography method in up to 10 colors.

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Solid automatic form-fill-seal film

- Options for packing different volumes according to your product needs.

- Ideal for packing bulk products or with individual packaging.

- Excellent hot tack, allowing proper sealing of the packing and filling product.

- Coextrusion polyethylene structure of up to 5 layers with excellent break and puncture resistance properties, especially for pallet packing.

- Option of antistatic film for packing powders and granules.

- Printed with specially designed inks for resistance to friction due to transportation.

Laminated film

-Structures laminated in two or three layers, with different materials (PE, OPP, PET) - contact one of our agents for more information.

-Excellent for on-the-go consumer products.

- Excellent hot tack, allows proper sealing of the packaging and filling of the product.


-Finished bag for manual packaging of solid or semi-liquid products.

-Excellent performance in manual sealing during packaging.

- Bag made with bottom or lateral seal.

-Ideal for packing bulk products or with individual packaging