Stowage and Pallets

Stowage process and palletizing solutions for internal transportation and storage for finished goods, transportation and distribution.

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Shrink Film

-With shrinkage ratio 20-70% for containers, cans and bottles, as well as other types of packaging, with or without cardboard tray.

-Printed or clear films options are available for greater impact at the point-of-sale.


-Sheet or bag as protective barriers to contact with other packaging such as cardboard boxes.

-Printed or clear options on different pigment colors for inventory rotation or product identification.


- Bags for containment of containers in internal processes such as blown bottles for storage and transportation.

- Size and gauge are designed according to the quantity of product to be stored.

- It is possible to make the bag with a color identifier for inventory rotation or container size identifier.


- Stretch-hood film for pallet wrapping automatically.

-Excellent performance with lower gauge for maximum performance.

-It works as a guarantee seal, printed option is available.