Film and bag solutions are available for different applications.

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- Bag finished for manual packaging of solid, semi-liquid and liquid products.

- Excellent performance in manual sealing during packaging.

- Preparation in side seal or background seal.

- Ideal for the packaging of collective or bulk products.

Heavy-duty bags

-Bag finishing for manual packaging or point-of-sale packaging.

-Rugged design to support heavy or sharp products.

-We offer antistatic solutions for sensitive products such as electronic components.

-Incorporation of additives to support corrosion-sensitive products.

Store bags

-Bag finished for point-of-sale packaging.

-Different formats for handle as dies-cut.

Solid automatic form-fill-seal film

- Options for packing different volumes according to customer requirements.

- Ideal for packing powders, solids, or liquids

- Excellent hot tack, allows proper sealing of the packaging and filling of the product.

- Coextrusion polyethylene structure with up to 3 layers provides excellent resistance to breakage and puncture properties.

Laminated film

-Structures laminated in two or three layers, with different materials (PE, OPP, PET) - contact one of our agents for more information.

-Applications to improve transparency and brightness.


-Printed films for exhibition at point-of-sale.

-Maximum printing repeat up to 1 000mm (39.40in).